…and so it begins!

Hello, Bea here!
You’ve found it! The original Bea&Co. Home Bakery blog!

By choosing a home bakery you’re getting genuine baked goods, crafted with love and care. You’re also not choosing to get the ridiculous price mark-ups most storefront’s will charge you.

Here at Bea&Co. we subscribe to the true So-Cal way of being! It’s all good vibes here! Maintaining that spirit by using all natural and ethically sourced ingredients in every order is a given. Working hard to give you unique, professionally designed cakes and cupcakes is a must.

We just strive to be in love with living, and what could anyone love more than cake?

Come back and keep checking us out! With weekly blog posts discussing some of our favorite things, we’re certain you’ll fall in love with this home bakery almost as much as we’re in love with baking.

Published by Bea Jemio

Bea Jemio grew up baking in beautiful Southern California. She enjoys travelling with her husband and spending time with her German Shepherd, Tiberius. Her favorite dessert is and always will be homemade tiramisu.

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