Meet Our Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and hope you do too. Come on and meet our team!

Rebecca Jemio

Owner & Head Baker

Rebecca, who goes by Bea at work, has been baking in sunny San Diego for 5 years. She’s obsessed with finding new flavor combinations and decoration tips. Rebecca originally opened her little home bakery as a creative outlet to practice and improve her passion: baking bread from scratch. This quickly turned into baking for large scale events such as wedding and anniversary parties, but it never turned her focus away from those small Monday morning breakfast orders.

Rebecca has a vision for her small home bakery that she hopes to realize in the upcoming years. Her motivation: Be able to give her little sister her first job at a cool café bakery by the time she’s 16. Every order You make shows your support in the realization of this dream.

Rebecca still enjoys making breads & muffins the most and hopes to expand soon to hire on a cake decorator so she can solely focus on making breads from scratch & creating new pastries.

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David Guzman

Director of Marketing

David joined Brød & Pâtisserie late 2019 with the hopes of expanding its social media broadcast. David enjoys photographing and taking video of the baking quests. Every recipe teaches him something new about grace and just how deep flour can actually affect a person’s mood.

As a finance major, in David’s spare time he likes to correct Rebecca’s pricing and accounting for the small business.

He is a truly invaluable member of our baking team, although he cannot bake at all.

Tiberius, the dog

Bakery Support as needed

Tiberius has been by Rebecca’s side since the baking business took flight. Although he not allowed anywhere near the kitchen, he is a valued member of the team.

Feel free to come on down to the bakery to show some love to our furry friend!

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